This year’s Landmark Tree is McIntire Park’s Northern Catalpa.

It grows just behind the Charlottesville Skatepark and blooms in May, large, white flowers among large leaves. It is visible from Route 250. City Forester Steve Gaines is cleaning up its poison ivy, and CATS has been spreading wood chip mulch beds for it and a number of young tree plantings.

The park is beautiful this spring. There is a new, paved path to the Van Yahres/Murray Oak Grove. Just beyond it, on the mowed trail, is CATS’ Grove, featuring a variety of trees and shrubs, many of which bloom during April and May.

Park at the Skateboard lot or the lot just beyond it, and walk across the railroad bridge. The Catalpa is just a bit further down the walkway, which goes to the Veteran's Memorial. The Oak Trail heads down the middle of the meadow.

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Welcome to the Notable Trees Project

This project documents notable trees in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area. We have created a database, photo gallery and map of the area’s large, excellent trees which are viewable from roads or public places. While Virginia in general has a large, lush canopy, current weather extremes and intensive development are quickly reducing the number of our older trees.

We include stories and information about particular specimens to educate and enrich our community. We hope readers go to see them in person. And, we hope to encourage the protection of our older trees.

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Our most well known, specimen trees we choose as Landmark Trees on Arbor Day. Their information has been collected together on one convenient page so that you may enjoy them.

Take a Tour of Our Notable Trees

CATS has created a driving tour of Charlottesville’s Notable Trees, which were featured recently in C-Ville’sThe Tree Issue.” Found mostly in and around the downtown area, the trees on our tour are notable for their size, their history and, in some cases, their rarity – especially in the face of pests and diseases that have put their species in jeopardy. We hope you will take this opportunity to see and learn more about Charlottesville’s urban forest and some of its most exceptional trees.