Address: Albemarle County Historical Society, 200 Jefferson St.
Common Name: White Ash
Latin Name: Fraxinus americana
Circumference: 16′ diameter 5.1′
Height: 95′
Category: Landmark
Best Seen From: Historical Society courtyard or 2nd st.
GPS Coordinates: 38.031698, -78.479901

Photos from the early 20th century showed this tree already towering over the site when the Historic Society first opened its doors in 1921. The city’s main library resided here before moving to the old post office building next door. Courtyard renovation occurred in 1993, cutting into tree roots. Former City Arborist Tim Hughes said this old ash has made peace with what has been built around it. In 2002, City of Charlottesville started treating this tree and a number of others for Emerald Ash Borer, prolonging its life. Tucked away in its secret garden, now a World Peace Garden, this tree has a beautiful crown.

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