Oak, White 9

Photo by Helen Gregory


Photo by Helen Gregory

There was a hornet’s nest inside this Red Oak which had to be removed in 2016.


Tulip Tree 3

Henry Clay Marchant owned and managed the Woolen Mill just down the street. He built this house to live in, 1840. Perhaps the tree was planted then.                        Photo by Ryan Jones

Early spring buds

View of the whole tree, without leaves.

Oak, White 7


This Specimen White Oak replaces its sister, White Oak #3, which died and was left as a “stem”, a tree with the crown removed, still enjoyed by wildlife. CATS is designating the healthy oak as a Landmark Tree on Arbor Day, 2017.

Catkins, or male flowers are visible in spring, mid April in 2017. Oaks have small female flowers as well, which are hard to see.


Our most well known, specimen trees we choose as Landmark Trees on Arbor Day. Their information has been collected together on one convenient page so that you may enjoy them.

Take a Tour of Our Notable Trees

CATS has created a driving tour of Charlottesville’s Notable Trees, which were featured recently in C-Ville’sThe Tree Issue.” Found mostly in and around the downtown area, the trees on our tour are notable for their size, their history and, in some cases, their rarity – especially in the face of pests and diseases that have put their species in jeopardy. We hope you will take this opportunity to see and learn more about Charlottesville’s urban forest and some of its most exceptional trees.

Beech, American

IMG_2340This handsome Double Beech is a little off the trail to the right as you get close to Dairy Road. There are many large and wonderful trees to see on this trail.


Between the Double Beech and the stream there is a patch of Toadstool Trillium, near the Charlottesville High School Track. This was seen early April 2017.                                     photo by JoAnn Dalley



Oak, White 6

Orton Oak

Just down the street from the tree inside the circle is this one with its tree steward family.

Peacock Oak

Center of Oak Street’s circular drive