Bald Cypress

During winter Bald Cypresses lose their needles. Note the squirrel nest!


Address:622 Farish St
Common Name:Bald Cypress
Latin Name:Taxodium distichum
Circumference:10.7', diameter 3.4'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Matched pair
Best Seen From:8th St at the corner of Farish St
GPS Coordinates:38.03416096014339, -78.474153630658
Comments:There are 2 large Bald Cypresses at the house on Farish St. This one on the corner, is viewable from 8th St or Farish St. Bald Cypresses' needles have a particular glow in the sun, especially in spring. They grow"knees", root appendages providing air, when the trees live in water. They are known to thrive in swamps. Some over 2,000 years old live on the NC coast. Bald Cypresses also enjoy good health in dry sites, as we see here.
Owner:Bill Downs