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Am Basswood Lee Park Austin

photo by Austin Kent


Address:Market Street Park, Market st and 1st Street, Charlottesville, Va 22902
Common Name:Basswood
Latin Name:Tilia americana
Circumference:19.4' diameter 6.3'
Category:- Large Size
- Uniqueness
- Strong survivor
Best Seen From:Lee Park, 101 E Market Street
GPS Coordinates:38.031655, -78.480956
Comments:An example of how huge American Linden or Basswoods can get, this is an elder tree in a historic park. It has the second largest girth to the Airport White Oak in our study.
This Basswood is the last originally planted tree from the park's original design in 1924, according to Mike Ronayne, city arborist. It is now protected by the City Tree Ordinance. Mike says there is a large cavity in the main trunk and base, cavities in major limbs, and there are sunken areas in the ground where decay has occurred in roots. The outer layer of trunk is sound though, holding its huge weight well.
The Basswood endured having its top broken off in a storm many years ago, but has survived and thrived. As everyone knows who sees the tree, it is quite a presence, with a good bit of green left in its crown to shade park visitors. It also endured the rebuilding of the stone wall next to it, fairly recently. There was once a twin Basswood nearby, which dropped a large branch near pedestrians. This one has been pruned back a good bit.

Basswoods flower in May, a favorite of honey bees. They add a fine flavor to honey.