Beech, American

IMG_2340This handsome Double Beech is a little off the trail to the right as you get close to Dairy Road. There are many large and wonderful trees to see on this trail.


Between the Double Beech and the stream there is a patch of Toadstool Trillium, near the Charlottesville High School Track. This was seen early April 2017.                                     photo by JoAnn Dalley



Address:McIntire Park, U.S. 250 Bypass
Common Name:Beech, American
Latin Name:Fagus grandifolia
Circumference:Beech #1- 9.2', diameter 2.9' Beech #2- 12.4', diameter 45.8"
Category:- Large Size
- Grove
- Parks
Best Seen From:Trail that runs close to Charlottesville High School
GPS Coordinates:38.05281 -78.47964 Beech 1, 38.05385, 78.48065 Beech 2
Comments:Western McIntire Park is a network of trails, through a wood with large, old trees. The two American Beeches we note grow among many fineTulip Trees, Oaks, Sugar Maples, Hornbeams and other Beeches. This is a beautiful walk in our city park.
DIRECTIONS: From the Rugby Rd exit off 250 bypass, picnic shelters are near Softball fields. By Shelter 1 is a paved trail. Check the map link to see the main paths. The Old Forest trail follows the northern edge of the park, passing Charlottesville High School. Stay on the paved trail until just before the big bridge, leading to school. Take the unmarked, dirt path on the left, by a large Sugar Maple. After crossing a small stream on stepping stones, bear right at the fork. In a few minutes you’ll cross a second footbridge, where you’ll find the first big American Beech on the left. It has a heart carved in it on the left. Please don’t carve on Beech Trees! It damages them! Pass a bench. After a felled tree, cut for the trail, you’ll find branches laid out on the right, which lead to the Double Beech. To walk back on the Multi-Use Trail, just keep walking and take the left path as you get closer to the road and traffic sounds. It ends with a narrow trail, opening near Shelter 1.
Owner:City of Charlottesville