Beech, Copper

Pecan tree, north of the Beech, viewable from sidewalk

Address:810 Locust Ave
Common Name:Beech, Copper
Latin Name:Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Circumference:10.7', diameter 3.4'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Neighborhood notable
Best Seen From:sidewalk
Comments:The Downing Smith family have owned this historic property for 4 generations, since the 1920's. They had a cow and huge vegetable gardens, which were plowed with a horse. There's an 1844 marker on the home. A big Ash tree grows next to the Beech which they are treating for Ash borers. A second Ash, 200 years old, was taken down recently. It was hit by lightning 3 times. There used to be another Beech, bigger than this one, that they also lost. Downing Smith grew up with these trees and still tends the grounds. You can see their sizable Pecan from the sidewalk also.
Owner:Gail and Downing Smith