Catalpa, Southern

Address:109 Chisholm Place
Common Name:Catalpa, Southern
Latin Name:Caltalpa bignonioides
Circumference:112" diameter: 35.6"
Category:- Beauty
- Shape
- Neighborhood notable
Best Seen From:street, in front of house
GPS Coordinates:38.0270258,-78.463894
Comments:Charlottesville has both Northern and Southern Catalpas. The Southern Catalpa is smaller in size, has smaller leaves and flowers than the Northern. Both provide great shade in summer. Bees and ants pollinate flowers, seeking their nectar. flowering lasts 10-12 days. A crushed leaf of Southerns has a distinct smell. The flowers have more speckles inside and hairs on the seed pods.
This tree is a knock out in May! Flowers cover the canopy.
Owner:Rich Allevi
CATS Observations:This tree was probably part of the old Woolen Mills Golf Course, which stretched across the neighborhood here. The house was built in 1999. So builders were able to keep from damaging it, though it grew close to the homesite.