Pecan Deceased


photo by Bill Sublette

On November 11, 2021, this specimen Pecan tree was cut down, due to decay found inside when a large branch fell. It had looked as beautiful as ever this fall and is a huge loss for the community. Thank you Branchlands for hosting and caring for this elder member of your landscape such long time!

CATS member Harriet Madieros has moved from Branchlands now, but other residents who loved the old Pecan, have been helpful with this valuable entry over the years. Thank you!!




Oak, White

Sandy Bisdee gives scale to this fine tree. She is working on a project documenting the tree for

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photo by


On June 15,2022, CATS members gathered with Jake and Shana VanYahres, whose company has cared for the tree for 25 years. Jake described special treatments used for historic trees.                                             photo by


Second largest White Oak in Virginia, claimed to be around 300 years old.                                 photo                         by




Pilots land on the expanded runway, just beyond the big Oak.                      photo by

Albemarle County Supervisor Ann Mallek spoke at the event June 15. She has worked to protect this tree and others, so valuable to the Charlottesville area.                                                                     photo by