Oak, Chestnut

It’s unusual to see such a big Chestnut Oak. Three oaks of different kinds have lived their many years next to this home.



This very large White Oak is further back in the driveway and not as visible. Please don’t disturb the owners to get a good look.

A tall tree, a Northern Red Oak easily seen from the street.

Oak, White 2 Deceased

June 27, 2021 CATS’ picnic took place here, to celebrate this fine old tree. Reverend John Thomas joins us, wearing a red shirt.

June 29 ’21, Bartlett Tree Service cut back dead limbs from the tree in hopes of prolonging its life. Around half of the tree has been in decline.

By September the tree turned mostly brown.

Emmanuel Cemetery

photo from 2017

White Oak

White Oak in spring, Emmanuel Church by billemory.com