Elm, American 3


photo by billemory.com

Elms are famous for their pretty vase shape. You see this one heading West on Monticello Road.

Address:1000 Belmont Avenue
Common Name:Elm, American
Latin Name:Ulmaceae ulmus
Category:- Large Size
- School ground
- Strong survivor
Best Seen From:Monticello Ave, between Meridian St and Tufton Ave
GPS Coordinates:38.0227038,-78.4744396
Comments:CATS' Landmark Tree for 2020, this wonderful American Elm is a beacon, high above Monticello Road. It shades George Rogers Clark School, built in 1931. So it could be around 84 years old and looks older. The school has many beautiful trees and is well worth a drive or walk around to see. These include a row of Sycamores by Tufton Ave and 2 beautiful Oaks at the back entrance to the school. We were unable to have an Arbor Day celebration due to Covid restrictions.
Owner:city of Charlottesville