Hornbeam, American

Hornbeam, Am

photo by billemory.com


Emory Carpinus

photo by billemory.com

Hornbeam, Am IMG_2138

Address:329 Dover Road
Common Name:Hornbeam, American
Latin Name:Carpinus caroliniana
Circumference:27.5" diameter (Arboristry Associates)
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Uniqueness
Best Seen From:Dover Road just past the house
GPS Coordinates:38.092310, -78.453549
Comments:Also known as Musclewood or Ironwood, these small trees usually live along streams. The bark is smooth, but rippling, thus the name muscle wood.
Owner:Kathi Marshall
CATS Observations:Local arborist Mike Neal believes this is the largest American Hornbeam in the state.