Maple, Silver


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Story: by owner Bill Emory:

My house was built in 1890. There was a second old silver maple also in the front yard which I removed when I moved in. I recently had an arborist lighten the load on some branches to prolong the tree’s life.

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Address:1604 E. Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Common Name:Maple, Silver
Latin Name:Acer saccharinum
Circumference:15.7' diameter: 5'
Age:120 years
Category:- Large Size
- Neighborhood notable
- Historical
GPS Coordinates:38.023844,-78.46177899999999
Comments:Best time to view is in summer. Silver Maples are described as trash trees. They grow very fast and drop branches, but have beautiful yellow fall color and feathery, deeply lobed leaves and this much loved beauty is 120 years old!
Owner:Bill Emory
CATS Observations:A tree with historic documentation!