Oak, Post Deceased

Bur-Post Oak
photo by billemory.com

Post Oak in the middle of the cemetery

In October of 2021, the beautiful, historic, newly claimed Landmark Tree Post Oak broke away and fell over at a place in its trunk that had been holding rainwater and rotting. The tree had looked very healthy at the April celebration we had just had. The trunk or stem will remain, showing the huge branches now gone, and CATS’ Landmark Tree sign.

Address:Lexington Ave at Maple St (Maplewood Cemetery)
Common Name:Oak, Bur-Post
Latin Name:Quercus macrocarpa
Circumference:15.7' diameter: 5'
Category:- Large Size
- Uniqueness
- Churchyard/cemetery
Best Seen From:in the cemetery
GPS Coordinates:38.032773, -78.473898
Comments:2021's Landmark Tree!
Such a beauty, in fine, old Maplewood Cemetery, which was established in 1827. It has the less formal paths and plantings of a country churchyard and is frequented by neighborhood walkers.
Ivy has been a recurring problem for this tree. CATS volunteers worked extra hard to cut the vines back, which seemed to be invulnerable, early spring of 2021. They found a big vine growing inside the bark in one spot.