Oak, Northern Red 2

Address:Mint Springs Valley Park
Common Name:Oak, Northern Red
Latin Name:Quercus rubra
Category:- Large Size
- Landmark
- Parks
- Historical
Best Seen From:Little Yellow Trail or Fire Trail
GPS Coordinates:38.0782 -78.7311
Comments:Albemarle County’s Mint Springs Valley Park has maps available at the kiosk and on line, which feature the Big Red Oak. The Boundary Oak is the nickname of this large, Northern Red Oak. Hikers find it at the top of the Little Yellow Trail, heading south, uphill. A beautiful lake is by the parking lot, and many, popular trails meander into the woods.
Historically, trees along boundaries can develop their lower branches and fill out their crowns, as neighbors keep the space between them clear. One side of this ridge featured an apple orchard in the past.
Everyone remembers the handsome oak. It looks out onto the park in winter, and receives a fond hello, assuring visitors they now can ease their pace, heading downhill.

Owner:Albemarle County Parks