Oak, Pin

Pin Oak Crown_0331

pale leaves in spring



Ann Mallek speaks at dedication of the Pin Oak as a Landmark Tree, April 2106

Central site for city and county

Address:401 McIntire Rd
Common Name:Oak, Pin
Latin Name:Quercus palustris
Circumference:16.1', diameter 5.1'
Category:- Large Size
- Public space
Best Seen From:COB walkway
GPS Coordinates:38.0349198,-78.48344259999999
Comments:This specimen tree is a beacon for the center of town, at the Albemarle Offices on McIntire Road. Once we dedicated it as a Landmark Tree, we nominated it as a state champion. It is the fourth largest Pin Oak in Virginia.
When we dedicated this Landmark Tree on Arbor Day 2016, there was quite a stir, due to new sewage lines being added on the same side of McIntire Rd. After lengthy communications with Rivanna Water and Sewerage Authority, we found that the new lines would stop right by the parking lot next to this tree. We will continue to work with City of Charlottesville as they rework nearby lines connecting to the new ones.