Oak, Scarlet

Photo by Buz Male

Address:500 Park Street
Common Name:Oak, Scarlet
Latin Name:Quercus coccinea
Circumference:18.5', diameter 5.9'
Category:- Large Size
- Neighborhood notable
- Churchyard/cemetery
Best Seen From:Back Parking Lot. Please park in upper lot. Note numbered spaces.
GPS Coordinates:38.0331918,-78.47568310000001
Comments:Tucked in the back of the big church property, near where the parking lot exits onto 8th Street, is this Exceptional Oak Tree.
Scarlet Oaks are often swollen at the base, a non-fatal condition caused by the same fungus that wiped out the American Chestnut.
This is one of many beautiful trees on the church grounds, including a large Southern Magnolia and a Maple as you head to Park Street from the parking lot.
Owner:First Presbyterian Church