Oak, Shumard 2

Local sculpture flying by on this busy road

Local sculpture flying by on this busy road

IMG_2230 shumard

Holds its acorns for years as they mature.

IMG_2226.Shumard JPG

Address:Rugby Rd Entrance onto 250 Bypass
Common Name:Oak, Shumard
Latin Name:Quercus shumardii
Circumference:11', diameter 3.3'
Category:- Beauty
- Uniqueness
- Public space
Best Seen From: McIntire Park West driveway
GPS Coordinates:38.0464706,-78.4789734
Comments:Snow's Nursery donated this tree to the City of Charlottesville in honor of Leroy Snow. He started a market garden on Carlton Ave in 1912 which has lasted 3 generations and grown into the landscaping center at 1875 Avon St. Check Snowknows.com for more history.
Owner:Cville Parks and Rec