Oak, Shumard

Central Library staff and patrons came out for a photo by Ryan Jones, April 2017.

photo by Ryan Jones early April

Banners about downtown events hang from the Shumard, across Market Street, (late April).

Catkins in spring.

Shumard Oak

photo by billemory.com

Address:In front of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Market St at 3rd St
Common Name:Oak, Shumard
Latin Name:Quercus shumardii
Circumference:12.5' diameter 4'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Public space
Best Seen From: Library grounds or sidewalk
GPS Coordinates:38.031419,-78.479933
Comments: You can't miss this handsome Landmark tree, on one of the busiest corners of downtown. During summers, it occasionally shades musical performances under the library's classical portico. Banners announcing community events are often tied to its branches and strung across Market Street. Formerly a federal courthouse and post office, this building became the library's central branch in 1981. When it was photographed in 1937, there were no trees on the site. The unusual variety of Oak must have been planted soon thereafter.
A member of the Red Oak group, the Shumard Oak is native to the Atlantic coastal plain and Mississippi River Valley. It is adaptable to varied landscapes, and with its upward branching pattern, it makes an ideal street tree.
CATS Observations:Unusual variety of oak