Oak, Southern Red 2

The entire Venable Elementary School came out to celebrate their Landmark Southern Red Oak May, 2018 photo by Ryan Jones

photo by billemory.com

photo by billemory.com

The school was built in 1925. So the tree is likely 93 years old.


photo by billemory.com

photo by billemory.com

Assistant Principal Valeta Paige, March 2018

Big O Tree Service installed lightning protection

A great tree at a great school!


Address:Venable School, 406 14th Street
Common Name:Oak, Southern Red
Latin Name:Quercus falcata
Circumference:17.8', diameter 5.7'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- School ground
Best Seen From:driveway
GPS Coordinates:38.0385402,-78.4966733
Comments:This fine specimen tree is the 10th largest in Virginia, according to Va Tech's Big Tree Program. Students nominated it for the City Tree Ordinance, which will protect the tree in perpetuity.

Comments by three of Cindy Cartwright's third graders:

1. A Southern Red Oak is a shade tree. The brown leaves fall over a period of time in fall and winter. The trunk grows straight and strongly attached to the tree.

2. A Southern Red Oak tree can live to 400 years. To find this great species you can identify the leaf. The Southern Red Oak’s leaves have pointy lobes and the bottom of the leaf has a bell shape. This Southern Red Oak we have is about 200 cm wide going around the trunk. The Southern Red Oak’s protection zone is 160 feet because the roots grow that far out from the tree and also the roots of the tree are about 12 to 18 inches thick.

3. Our tree has southern bell leaves. Almost all the leaves fell. The leaves are red and brown.
Squirrels nest in our tree. The squirrels collect all of the nuts for the winter.
The tree’s root hairs absorb water and vitamins for the tree. Our tree’s root protection is about 160 feet long.

Our Southern Red Oak is endangered. Southern Red Oaks can live up to 400 years. The diameter of our tree is 200 cm. Our tree is sturdy and renewable. Our tree is used for many things.
Owner:City of Charlottesville