Oak, Southern Red 3

photo October 27’18

AAB_0918-oxford oak

photo by billemory.com

Address:1400 Oxford Road
Common Name:Oak, Southern Red
Latin Name:Quercus falcata
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Neighborhood notable
Best Seen From:Park on Oxford Road, near the tree.
GPS Coordinates:38.0464985,-78.4805001
Comments:Neighbors gather at the corner to watch fireworks from McIntire Park, and everyone loves this tree. An arborist cabled a branch which hangs over the house. Former owners installed lightning protection.
New owner JoAnn Dalley is a Tree Steward! She and her husband David are treating the fine old tree for Bacterial Leaf Scorch. This disease is a problem for Red Oaks throughout eastern US.
Owner:JoAnn Dalley