Oak, Swamp White

Address:2385 Garth Road
Common Name:Oak, Swamp White
Latin Name:Quercus bicolor
Circumference:15', diameter 4.8'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Neighborhood notable
Best Seen From:Garth Road
GPS Coordinates:38.101961, -78.571195
Comments:This big White Oak is one of three that used to share the grounds. One was struck by lightning and a second oak was knocked over in the derecho not long ago. It split down the middle, just missing a car in the driveway. There were some tears shed when they had to cut the rest of that tree down. It had decayed inside. One of the main reasons they bought the home was its beautiful, mature trees.
The original Hunt Club was formerly located here. The new home was built in 2007, designed to look older. This White Oak has lightning protection and regular inspections by an arborist to maintain good health. 18 new trees have been planted on this property--fellow tree lovers!
Owner:Maddy Deal