Oak, White 3

IMG_0117forest hills oak

November 4, 2015 The Forest Hills Landmark White Oak was taken down today. It slowly died due to trauma from construction of the water park. Parks and Rec have left its sizable stem for woodpeckers and wildlife.

photo by billemory.com


photo by billemory.com


This tree is CATS’ second Landmark Tree, designated in April 2012. It died in 2014 due to construction in the park. There is a sister tree nearby, and many beautiful trees in this 7 acre park.

Landmark Tree, Arbor Day, April 1012

Address:Forest Hills Park, Forest Hills Ave
Common Name:Oak, White
Latin Name:Quercus alba
Circumference:15.2' diameter 4.9'
Category:- Large Size
- Strong survivor
- Parks
Best Seen From:in the park, next to the driveway
GPS Coordinates:38.025155, -78.497423
Comments: Tree Stewards, over the years, have an educational Tree Day here in Forest Hills Park, teaching school kids about the wide variety of trees, encouraging out doors activity and appreciation of the variety of trees here.
CATS Observations:There are many fine trees in this park. This big one was watered in summer after construction by Parks and Rec.