Oak, White 9

Photo by Helen Gregory


Photo by Helen Gregory

There was a hornet’s nest inside this Red Oak which had to be removed in 2016.


Address:1805 Fiddlestick Lane
Common Name:Oak, White 9
Latin Name:Quercus alba
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Historical
Best Seen From:Fiddlestick Lane
GPS Coordinates:37.9843154, -78.5402863
Comments:The Big White Oak is on the right, just past the first house on Fiddlestick Lane. There used to be 3 Red Oaks behind it, which died in 2016. The White Oak crown is flat on its back side, from living near them. An open, full crown comes from growing in the open. Neighbors say there was a corn field here, plowed by a mule in the late 1800's. John Mosby, the Civil War Cavalry leader grew up a half mile away and is thought to have hunted here. Current owners also found an arrowhead near the White Oak.

A beautiful, large, double Black Gum, now cabled, is within sight, closer to the house.

These trees are well cared for!
Owner:Diane and Bruce Butler