Oak, White

Sandy Bisdee gives scale to this fine tree. She is working on a project documenting the tree for beholdnature.org

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photo by billemory.com


On June 15,2022, CATS members gathered with Jake and Shana VanYahres, whose company has cared for the tree for 25 years. Jake described special treatments used for historic trees.                                             photo by billemory.com


Second largest White Oak in Virginia, claimed to be around 300 years old.                                 photo                         by billemory.com




Pilots land on the expanded runway, just beyond the big Oak.                      photo by billemory.com

Albemarle County Supervisor Ann Mallek spoke at the event June 15. She has worked to protect this tree and others, so valuable to the Charlottesville area.                                                                     photo by billemory.com



Address:Dickerson Road, near the airport, 22911
Common Name:Oak, White
Latin Name:Quercus alba
Circumference:292"= 24.3' diameter 7.7'
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Landmark
- Strong survivor
Best Seen From:permission to see the oak from inside fence is available through 434-973-8342, extension 1
GPS Coordinates:38.125259, -78.460475
Comments:This amazing tree is the second largest White Oak in Virginia. It stands alone in a big field, near where jets land and take off. The Airport tried to cut it down for safety precautions years ago, but tree lovers from all over protested. Now the Airport Authority takes care of the old oak. Permission to go inside the fence is hard to obtain, as avoiding soil compaction on the tree roots is important. Its full, healthy crown is visible from a distance and revered by everyone in Charlottesville.

In March of 2013, the Airport Authority had to build a fence around this tree due to the need to protect the runway nearby from hunters.

Linda McLane, former property owner says there was once a store by the tree, where people would gather to sit in the shade. There are lots of arrowheads on the property. An old church nearby was recently moved, and its hill leveled.
Owner:Albemarle Airport Authority