Pecan 2

Address:208 Wine Street
Common Name:Pecan
Latin Name:Carya illinoensis
Circumference:11.7' diameter: 3.72'
Height:around 60'
Category:- Large Size
- Neighborhood notable
- Historical
Best Seen From:Wine St
GPS Coordinates:38.0356366,-78.477925
Comments:The house was built in 1929. There are photos from the 1890s, showing the tree before the house was built. Adolph Russo, Wine Street's wine maker, lived next door, with his business, Monticello Winery, down the hill. He built the 208 house for his daughter.
There's a historic marker at Perry Dr. and McIntire Rd.
Out of 40 years, current owners noted the pecans fell in greatest multitude in 2015. These nuts are smaller size than those of a younger tree in the back yard. Pecan nut sizes often vary that way. The tree has been pruned recently, but loses many small branches year round. A sticky residue lands on cars beneath it, possibly from aphid residue. Pecan trees are known to have an enormous crown, as this one arches over the house and into the roadway. Pecan trees are known to live over 300 years.

Neighbors gather nearby enjoying this beautiful, historic pecan.
Owner:Dianne Gilliland and David Reynaud