Redbud, Eastern 2

Larger Redbud, visible from South Gillespie St

Early spring, pre-central branch removal with owner

Address:706 Gillespie Avenue
Common Name:Redbud, Eastern 2
Latin Name:Cercis canadensis
Circumference:4.5' and 5.7', diameters: 1.4' and 1.8'
Category:- Uniqueness
- Neighborhood notable
- Matched pair
GPS Coordinates:38.0332849,-78.4651928
Comments:There are 2 Redbuds in this small, city yard, which light up the neighborhood in spring. One is quite elder now and has had a lot of work done on it this year. It may not be with us soon. But the tree so full of blooms has come to life from sprouts off of its old trunk. What an impressive survival technique! Let's hope the other tree has the same show of youngsters which come fully to life.
Owner:Carolyn Burgess