Redbud, Eastern

No one recognizes this tree unless it’s blooming due to its size!

Address:304 13th Street Northeast
Common Name:Redbud, Eastern
Latin Name:Cercis canadensis
Circumference:3.6' , 1.4' diameter
Category:- Large Size
- Uniqueness
- Historical
Best Seen From:13th Street
GPS Coordinates:38.0284397,-78.4670467
Comments:The house was built in 1949. An arborist recently pruned off dead branches from this large, old Redbud. Despite some hollow spots, the tree crown is healthy. Redbud flowers are edible and can grow on tree bark. Seeds are a legume edible if harvested early enough. The property and tree could have been part of the historic Farm property.
Owner:Graeyn Brashear