Sycamore 4

Sycamore Quarry Park

Sycamore, Quarry Park. Photo by

One of our most striking, beloved public trees. It shades park baseball viewers.

Address:Quarry Park on Quarry Rd, off Monticello Ave.
Common Name:Sycamore
Latin Name:Platanus occidentalis
Circumference:15.5' diameter 4.9'
Category:- Large Size
- Landmark
- Neighborhood notable
- Winter interest
Best Seen From:easy to see
GPS Coordinates:38.014599, -78.477768
Comments:Dedicated as a Landmark Tree on Arbor Day 4/26/13. A young sycamore was planted nearby, that day, commemorating the big tree's twin which fell after a storm around 10 years before. The city tries to keep parking away from the roots during popular baseball games.
James Kelley grew up nearby, and used to climb the trees in the '60's. He says they were smaller then, "a good size for climbing". There was a corn field beyond, and a cattle farm on the hillside across the road. There's a nice trail just beyond the tree, over a bridge, with a view of the city.
The trunk of this tree is nearly 5' in diameter. According to VaDOF, Sycamores have the largest trunk diameters of North American hardwoods.
Owner:City of Charlottesville