Sycamore 6

sycamore, rt 20 IMG_2128sycamore rt 20 IMG_2135

Address:2958 Barrsden Farm
Common Name:Sycamore
Latin Name:Platanus occidentalis
Circumference:8.9', diameter 2.8'
Category:- Landmark
- Neighborhood notable
- Winter interest
Best Seen From:Route 20 not far from Proffit Rd
GPS Coordinates:38.078859, -78.403160
Comments:Barrsden Farm's original house was built in 1850. It featured a prize winning winery in 1898. Those former owners, long ago used to take their bed outside in the summer beneath big oaks, now gone. A black snake fell on the bed one night.

Now the second generation living there has a musical instrument building studio,
Owner:Ralph Dammann
CATS Observations:Truly a landmark, this huge, double stem tree shines white across a big field next to Route 20. It is in good health, with its vines recently cut from the base.