Tulip Tree 3

Henry Clay Marchant owned and managed the Woolen Mill just down the street. He built this house to live in, 1840. Perhaps the tree was planted then.                        Photo by Ryan Jones

Early spring buds

View of the whole tree, without leaves.

Address:2000 Marchant Street
Common Name:Tulip Tree
Latin Name:Liriodendron tulipfera
Circumference:15.3', 4.9' diameter
Age:possibly 177
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Historical
Best Seen From:the driveway
GPS Coordinates:38.02093869999999,-78.457233
Comments:The Marchant Mansion was renovated recently into apartments. The building dates from 1840 and was the home of Henry Clay Marchant. He was president of the nearby Charlottesville Woolen Mills, once an important source of uniforms. The Mill was also recently renovated. The big Tulip Tree provides great shade for the old mansion, especially the back porch. Ivy has been removed from the trunk, and an arborist worked on the tree in 2017. Two large pecans grow nearby.
With its tulip shaped flowers, the Tulip tree is a towering presence in urban landscapes and eastern forests. It typically grows from 90-110' high and can reach 200' high. A popular wood used for home construction, it is often called Tulip or Yellow Poplar, but it is actually in the Magnolia family.