Walnut, White Deceased

On July 3, 3023, this tree blew over in a fierce wind which neighbors called a derecho.

Volunteers worked really hard on a huge ivy infestation, March of 2021.

Address:1301 East High st.
Common Name:White Walnut, Butternut
Latin Name:Juglans cinerea
Circumference:11.7' diameter 3.7'
Category:- Large Size
- Uniqueness
- Strong survivor
Best Seen From:behind Joy Super Test gas station
GPS Coordinates:38.0319969,-78.466092
Comments:White Walnut is also known as Butternut. Their seeds are narrow in shape rather than the big green ball husks of Black Walnuts. The 2 Walnut species look somewhat alike, but Black Walnut bark is dark and deeply furrowed while Butternut bark is light and smoother. Butternuts have a leaflet at the end of their twigs. The White Walnut nuts over-ripen quickly. The sometimes sticky shells make a natural dye which can turn your fingers yellow. The nuts are edible and said to be delicious.
The building next to this tree was built in the 1800's, part of the Gillespie farm.