Willow, Black

Address:1809 East Market Street
Common Name:Willow, Black
Latin Name:Salix nigra
Category:- Large Size
- Beauty
- Shape
Best Seen From:Market Street
GPS Coordinates:38.022313,-78.4570998
Comments:The ducks and goats at this urban farm love the willow's shade. A hawk often perches in one of its branches. Owners have watched the tree grow quite a lot in the past 20 years. The tree enjoys a place practically in the stream, whose channel has been cleaned out to direct waterflow. Black Willows are known to hold banks in place, and to purify water. Sticks from the tree grow into saplings, in wet areas. This one has a particularly beautiful form.
A chemical extracted from willow bark, salacin, is originally the main ingredient for aspirin.
Owner:Laura Covert, Lewis Shultz